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    Sanshui Address: No. 25, Zone C, Sanshui Central Science and Technology Industrial Zone, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

    Office Phone: 0757-87336633

    Fax: 0757-87336622

    Contact person Telephone Mail Eesponsible area
    Mr. Wu +86 13825528292 ypl@hltpress.com China
    Mr. Lawrence +86 18319188922 lawrence@hltpress.com International

    Contact person Telephone Mail Eesponsible area
    Mr. Huang +86 13902849161 newpress@hltpress.com
    China and International

    Contact person Telephone Mail Eesponsible area
    Ryan Tan (Mr.)
    Marketing director of India 
    +86 13928669959 ryan@hltchina.com.cn India
    Jason Du (Mr.)
    Regional Manager of Middle East
    +86 18934322599 jason@hltchina.com.cn Middle East countries
    Mr. Yuan, Southeast Asia Regional Manager +8615916018992 anson@hltchina.com.cn Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines, etc., Southeast Asian countries except India, Malaysia and Thailand; South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other East Asian regions
    Ms. Huang, Regional Manager of Inmatai +86 13702252287 Cecilia@hltchina.com.cn Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand
    Mr. Shao, Tumei Sales Area Manager +86 13902896675 Steve@hltchina.com.cn Turkey, North and South America, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Central Asia
    Ms. Zhu Meng Bas, Russia Sales Manager +86 13760905852 Sophia@hltchina.com.cn Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Russia
    Mr. Liu Non-European Sales Area Manager +86 13929958516 Raymond@hltchina.com.cn Europe, and other Central and South African countries except the four countries in North Africa
    Ms. Jiang Chinese Overseas Investment Contact +86 15919048792

    • support hotline 0757-87336633

      address :廣東省佛山市三水中心科技工業區C區25號

      mail :hlm@hltpress.com

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